It has been six weeks since the doors of K-12 educational institutions have opened. The college admission process is also underway for every high school student. With standardized test dates coming and going, attending college fairs, students sending in their transcript request, recommendations be written and the rough drafts of college admission essays being typed. Parents and teenagers are feeling the stress of these administrative tasks that need to be completed to ensure admissions to colleges. With elevated pressure being placed on these tasks, many teenagers forget the primary reason for attending a higher educational institution. Throughout life the majority of teenagers have been guided and directed academically by teachers, guidance counselor, peers and parents on classes.

It may never cross one’s mind to research the quality of education being offered on a college campus. Below you will find 5 helpful ways to assess the quality of education at the university or college you are interested in:

5 ways you can measure the college’s quality of education, which will help when creating your college list:

1. Research the professors that are in your major to see if they’re publishing, speaking at conferences, up-to-date and current with the trends and research of your chosen field of study. Schedule an appointment with a professor or dean of your program of interest to gain more insight about the major.
2. Are there internships/practicum opportunities in the course curriculum for your intended major? Is it required or recommended? Does the school encourage practical experience?
3. Is the university outfitted with up to date equipment and materials that will enhance your growth in your chosen field of study?
4. How accessible are the professors at the university to meet with to discuss current academic issues and future aspirations in the field that you anticipate to major in?
5. If the university doesn’t meet your academic needs is the university connected to other higher educational institutions that will. If so, what is the process?

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