With college students starting their spring semester and high school seniors anxiously awaiting their acceptance letters. The one thing that students and families are often thinking about is how to finance college. Many questions enter their mind; if they can afford the tuition, how much debt will they be in once they graduate and should they attend a less expensive school?

I recently read an article in Inside Higher Ed about the Obama Administration proposing to expand the Pell Grant program back to year-round eligibility. What does this mean?

  1. The Pell Grant’s largest current amount is $5,775
  2. The proposal wants to offer an extra $1,915 to Pell Grant recipients so they can have extra funds to pay for summer courses.
  3. There is an incentive of $300.00 for Pell students taking at least 15 credits to “stay on track” towards graduation with this new proposal.
  4. The total amount would be $7,990 with the new proposal of the Pell Grant year-round program.

Link to the article:insidehighered.com/…/white-house-plan-restore-year-round-pell-grants-and-create-new-bonus

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