Yoga Therapy

Have you ever thought about how yoga helps your mental health? Is the thought of attending a yoga class unsettling?  What if you could incorporate yoga into a counseling session? What if implementing body regulation techniques would help you progress through your counseling goals? Are you curious how yoga therapy can help?

How Yoga Therapy Can Support Your Counseling

The intention for yoga and counseling is to create balance. Yoga teachers highlight both ease and effort during yoga class. Counselors provide support and challenge their clients during a session. This partnership between the two encourages a safe space to gain awareness and, try on new sensations, feelings, thoughts, and behaviors.

Counseling helps one explore who they want to be and provide opportunities for change. Yogis emphasize consciousness around breath, poses, and meditation to find our “authentic self” and to notice any patterns that may be holding us back.

I believe yoga and therapy provides a healing exploration of the body, mind, spirit and I am thrilled to offer this practice to my clients. Yoga is designed to fit all physical frames. The ancient practice of yoga encompasses physical postures, breath, meditation and philosophy, and gifts those who practice yoga an overall healthier mental and physical well-being. Merging counseling and yoga allows my clients to access and connect with body, mind and spirit authentically.

How We Incorporate Yoga Therapy and Counseling

You may wonder how we can incorporate yoga into your plan. First, deciding when and how to incorporate yoga will be your choice and something we discuss. Below are different ways we can incorporate yoga into counseling:

  • Teaching breathing techniques.
  • Practicing meditation and mindfulness techniques in session.
  • Starting talk therapy sessions with a centering practice of either breath, meditation, or asana.
  • Scheduling individual yoga sessions in which we go through a practice designed for you that you can use at home.
  • Scheduling an individual yoga therapy session in which I facilitate a practice and then we explore sensations, feelings, and thoughts in relation to your therapy goals.

Yoga isn’t for me, it looks hard- I am not flexible enough.

Yoga isn’t about flexibility. It is about finding your own pace, range of movement and practice that is formed to support your own emotional, mental, and physical needs. Yoga provides freedom. My intention is to offer you the ability to notice your own experiences, build acceptance for demanding feelings, and locate a place of centeredness that you can carry with you from the mat to your day- to -day- life.

I practice a Dharma- inspired yoga that is a system of classical Hatha-Roja yoga that emphasizes good health, clear mind and a kind heart. We can meet individually, or you can attend small workshops. I strive to cultivate an environment that focusing on learning, support, and authenticity.

 I already attend therapy. I am interested in the yoga therapy but worried about the additional cost and time.

Incorporating yoga into your current therapy or starting yoga and therapy with me, you will acquire tools, and awareness that supports your healing. The changes that you will encounter will be felt on all levels of the self: physical sensations, thoughts, emotions, and higher consciousness. Supplementing yoga can boost the work you are already putting into therapy.

The practice of yoga and therapy is based on a balance of effort and ease. We can discuss how incorporating yoga might work best for you and your life. For example, we may spend half of a therapy session on breathing, or we may discover that attending a monthly workshop suits you better.

I look forward to incorporating yoga therapy and working with you along your journey. Contact me today at 703-591-9600 ext.102 about individual therapy with yoga or sign up for my next workshop or series.

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