Words are a form of personal expression and often times lost in translation when attempting to communicate to others. For many years in my life I forcefully pressed the volume button on the remote for my voice to be heard but felt like my words were inaudible. Over and over again I found myself using body gestures to act out my story-line like a mime, hoping someone would recognize my needs. When no one heard or saw me I resorted to participating in sports and chorus. These activities provided me a safe environment to perform any desirable and undesirable emotions on the court and musically. Because I had this outlet my own voice became foreign and obsolete. I spent countless days listening and helping others hoping one day someone would discover me. Instead of someone recognizing my uniqueness, I recently rediscovered my voice. My journey has led me here.

The Blog. For the majority of my life I felt comfortable not broadcasting my views and stories to people. Here I am choosing to use my words, professional knowledge and personal experiences to uplift, educate and empower teenagers, parents and women on various topics that they encounter socially, emotionally, academically and professionally. I will share information regarding college readiness, women/young female empowerment, academic and mental health wellness.

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