Life Coaching for Women

Women wear many hats during their lifetime, including sister, daughter, mother, aunt, employee, boss and wife. Yet their personal identity is often the last part to be addressed and nurtured.  Women frequently lose themselves in the midst of all their multiple roles. The life coaching we offer, is holistic in its approach, making sure the body-mind-spirit is involved as you evolve into the women your heart desires.

Benefits of a Life Coach

A life coach helps you through your personal problems, assist you with career decisions, help you attain any of the goals that you are trying to reach. We provide ongoing support to you as a client.Coaching involves taking action, holding one accountable for your life goals, and support you until you reach your desired goals and intentions.

So how would a life coach help me?


Are you currently feeling stuck in your current job position or personal life?

A life coach may be just the person to help you sift through the variables and get unstuck. We will explore how you became stuck and the direction you desire to take to help you become unstuck.

Are you in a good place in life?

When you are open and happy about your place in life, you are open to taking advice from a life coach. It is easier to speak about future goals when you have started a business, changed jobs, are thinking about marriage, and other life endeavors.

Do you often think about your future and the thought of it scares you?

If you are fearful of what the future holds for you, then a life coach can help you sift through your fears and unlock your potential.   A life coach will help you explore, discover, and cultivate the aspect of your life that yearns for personal and professional growth.

When you think about your life, do you often draw a blank about what you want to do?

It’s okay,  if you don’t know what you want in life.  This is when “Pruning and Purging” is necessary (i.e. soul searching).  A life coach can support you in discovering your passion and, create a plan of execution, so you can secure what you really want out of life.

Do you often have great plans to accomplish your goals, but you don’t know how to get there?

A life coach will help you uncover entrances to your goals and lifetime intentions. We start off with setting small goals for yourself in order to achieve your BIG goals.

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Life coaching
life coaching
For potential new clients I offer a Free 15 minute phone consultation around Life Coaching. Contact me at 703-591-9600 ext. 102.
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