Teen Counseling

Are you worried about your teenager?

Does your son or daughter avoid interactions with family? Do they spend most of their time in their bedroom or out with friends? Do you often worry about the company that your teen keeps? Do you often worry that your teen isn’t completing or doing their schoolwork? Do you often worry about your teen’s emotional state or behavior choices? Does your teen self-harm or has s/he communicated the thought of doing so? Do you often yearn for the days where you and your teen could just connect and offer the support he or she needs to feel content and healthy?

Perhaps your teen is unmotivated about life, stopped trying in his or her academic courses, closed off from the rest of the world. Or perhaps your teen is doing well academically, has great relationships with peers and family member, but you worry that he or she is an over-achiever. The internal and external pressure of getting good grades, and doing what’s right can often lead to anxiety and depression

Teen Years Can Be a Difficult Time:

From Miscommunication, to your teen trying to find which identify fits them, to emotions raging, to physical changes, to power struggles, to the everyday nuances of being a teen during this time they’re searching for independence, yet wants to be nurtured and may be unable to communicate their needs. . This time of their lives they’re in search for independence, yet wants to be nurtured but unable to communicate their needs. They want more autonomy regarding life’s decisions yet need a parent to make a simple choice for them. Every day varies when you are raise a teenager. You may often times find yourself saying “What did I do wrong?” You honor their request of giving them more autonomy, but when you do they sometimes become upset. Finding a balance can be very difficult.

Teen Counseling Can Help:

Teen counseling can help your teen exercise the independence that they are looking for in safe and nonjudgmental environment. I have been working with teens since 2003 and I know that every teen is unique. I tailor my approach to the teen’s strengths, needs and  the desires of your daughter or son.

When a teen and I enter a therapeutic relationship I set out to understand their individual perspectives on situations and, set goals and structure sessions that work best for their your personality.  Often times parents are invited into sessions, but that is left up to the teen.

Trust is a substantial factor and ongoing process in the therapeutic relationship. To ensure everyone understands the importance of trust, the whole family needs to be present at the initial session. I speak about confidentiality and the importance of the teen trusting that whatever they tell me in kept in confidence and safe during the therapeutic process. There are exceptions to confidentiality that everyone needs to understand. When something comes up that parents need to know, I have them come into the session and the teen and myself informs the parent of the issue.

It is very beneficial for teens that struggle with mental health to seek counseling. During their sessions we talk about possible triggers that may activate unwanted emotions and coping strategies that will work during those times.

In my practice, I tend to pull from cognitive-behavioral, solution-focused, insight driven, mindfulness, yoga and energetic body dialogue techniques. To connect with teens I stay abreast of the things that interest them and may use humor to decrease the resistance to counseling. My approach in my practice allows teens to be more open, less guarded and more willing to talk. I genuinely enjoy working with teenagers and love watching them develop and mature over time.

Counseling for teens is contingent on individual goals. When teens are able to identify what they want and need in therapy, we create a plan to assist them in reaching their goals. I am here to support your teen as s/he explores independence, achieves autonomy, and makes meaningful life decisions. With assistance and encouragement, your teen will be able to take the time to figure out who he or she is, who they want to be and how they can get there.

Free Phone Consultation or concerns about teen counseling. Feel free to contact me at 703-591-9600 ext. 102. I offer a free 15 minute phone consultation for potential new clients.
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