I wanted to share my motivation passage for the morning. The quote reinforced that vision boards/plans are important. I have truly benefited from vision boards over the years. It has helped me flush out goals/dreams. How are you navigating your goals/dreams?

Do you have a plan that will help you navigate you towards your dreams? Everyone needs a plan. My first vision board was actually a box. In this box it had quotes that I lived by, items that I wanted to learn and pictures that served as motivation. One of the items that I can remember was several passages of the Quran. My boyfriend and I at the time were reading the different religious books and desired to know more about other religions.

What is the purpose of a plan? A plan maps out the direction you should be taking. I have created many plans for my dreams. My plan’s name is vision board.  My vision board helps me clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on a specific goal.

How does the vision board help me?

  1. Identify my vision and give it clarity
  2. Reinforce My daily affirmations
  3. Keeps my attention on my intentions

The Purpose of your Vision Board is to bring everything on it to life.

If you are interested in creating a plan for your dreams, join me July 23, 2016 at 9:30 am to create a vision board.

Registration: http://willowtreecounselingcenter.com/event/unlocking-full-potential-workshop/2016-07-23/

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