A couple of weeks ago I came across an email from my Alma mater regarding the $90 million, two year state budget cuts to higher education that will impact all 17 public colleges/universities in the state of Virginia. State and college officials stated that tuition will not be increase but that there will be a delay in the hiring process for vacancies and postponement of equipment purchases and other operating matters.

While this should not impact the cost of college for students, it reminded me how easily cost of college COULD go up, even for schools offering in-state rates.

The cost of college is a hot topic. Many individuals are still feeling the financial and emotional effects of the recent recession and I’ve seen this to be a contributor to why parents want their college-bound teenagers to attend college in-state. They see it as the less costly option that will minimize the amount of debt for their child. I see this in my work as an educational consultant that specializes in college advisement. I often hear parents tell their children that they cannot attend private colleges and universities due to their high cost.

When I hear these conversations happen, I share some insight that parents don’t always know. And that insight is that private universities have endowment funds that provide scholarships that would decrease the cost of attendance drastically. ┬áPrivate colleges are affordable but many parents don’t take the time to research.

State colleges/universities are losing money so if parents and students are going with the cheaper choice, the education may not be as high quality, especially given budget cuts that could lead to increase class sizes, modern technology and research opportunities being decreased.

I am available to do cost analysis and school comparisons to ensure you and your child are making the best informed decision you can, taking into account budget constraints while weighing the benefits all types of institution offer.

Link to the article about the budget cut:


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